VW Amarok Service

I took my Volkswagen Amarok to Brad at Blue Peter Motors for a routine service. He advised me that he had found a fault in a specific part in my car and that I should take it too Volkswagen Bayside to have it replace under warranty. I took his advice and booked my car in to VW Bayside.

Post inspection they told me that they could not find any fault. A week later my engine light came on so I returned my car to VW for them to re-run their testing. And of course, this time they found the same fault Brad had identified.

I had to then re-book my car in for the repair process and arrange a loan car. I found it astounding that VW initially couldn’t locate the fault that Brad had identified when they work in these cars everyday.

I have so much trust in Brad and his team at Blue Peter Motors that, if my car hadn’t of been still in warranty I would 100% have got Brad to do the entire repair as I know his work is of the highest standard and his professional is beyond compare.

I would and have recommended Blue Peter Motors to all my friends and family.

Tiffany Park