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Minor Service

Intermediate Service Intervals

Minor Servicing occurs when the distance traveled by your vehicle reaches specific milestones. Like every service, these milestones happen in increments specified by the vehicle manufacture. These increments may differ from vehicle to vehicle and are often between 5,000 and 10,000 KMS. For example 10,000 KMS, 30,000 KMS, 50,000 KMS and so on.

At Blue Peter Motors Mornington, a Minor Service is carried out with greatest of care, ensuring all aspects of the service are carefully followed. We inspect your steering, brakes and suspension to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. Of course, a full safety report is provided, highlighting anything out of the ordinary that requires attention.
In addition we examine the underbody of the car, including the exhaust system and finally top up any fluids such as coolant.

To clarify, here is an example of some inclusions from our Minor Service;

* Oil Change
* Premium Oil Filter replacement
* Battery life Test
* Vehicle Safety Check

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Major Service

Service Intervals

A Major Vehicle service is the most important one. The car manufacturer will determine the frequency of Major Services, often occurring in 10,000 or 20,000 Kilometer increments. Notably, it is critical that your vehicle undergo a Major Service. For many of us, the added cost of a Major Service can lead to postponing the service. But this could be detrimental to your vehicles health, leading to major failures which end up costing significantly more than a service.

At Blue Peter Motors we are price conscious, so work to make our services efficient, yet comprehensive in every way.
Working within our finely tuned service process, we Flush clean Engine and Transmission, before replacing the Oils. Similarly we flush and replace Clutch, Brake Power-Steering and Coolants. Oil Filter and Spark Plugs are replaced to improve engine efficiency, followed by a complete check of the engine and drive-train.

Of course, at Blue Peter Motors, we are all about safety, so every vehicle is subject to a stringent safety inspection.

Here is an example of what may be included in a Major Service;

* Oil Change
* Premium Oil Filter replacement
* Air Filter Replacement
* Fuel Filter Replacement
* Battery life Test
* Brake Test and Adjustment
* Power Steering Fluid Replacement
* Spark Plug Replacement
* Gearbox, Transfer Case & Diff Oils checked and topped up
* Wiper Blade and Bulb Inspection
* Vehicle Safety Check
* Road Test

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Log Book Service

Intermediate Service Intervals

A Logbook Service follows the same schedule as Major and Minor Servicing, but is determined by the vehicle manufacturer. Of course the difference is, a Log Book service follows the strict vehicle manufactures guide lines . What this means for you, is that your vehicle can be serviced, to the manufactures specifications, therefore meeting your warranty obligations.

As you probably know, servicing your vehicle through a dealership is expensive and more often than not, unsatisfactory. A Blue Peter Motors Log Book service retains you new car warranty, while saving you the excessive costs of dealer servicing.

In addition to our competitive Service pricing, a Log Book Service with us is an honest and friendly experience. Unlike the dealerships, we will not treat you like a number. Instead you will be treated with the courtesy and respect awarded to such a valued customer.

Significantly, our vast experience in the automotive trade, allows us to service cars and SUV’s in all makes and models.

Speak with one of our Service specialists for more information about Log Book Servicing and find out how we can save you pocket, while retaining the peace of mind of your new car warranty.

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